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I'm curious as to what I should do with my crystal as well. I found one and don't want to waste it :P My Little Blacksmith Shop: What Crystals Do - My Little Blacksmith Shop is currently out and players have taken notice of several crystals around the game. Wonder what they might be used for. Ice Crystal | My Little Blacksmith Shop Wiki | FANDOM ... The ice crystal is one of the five crystals hidden throughout the environment. The ice crystal has no unique visual effect upon picking it up. It also remains labeled ... The Mysterious Crystals! - My Little Blacksmith Shop ... My Little Blacksmith Shop let's play by Twisted - HoneyBunnyGames. Join us on Discord! Welcome to My Little...

Many different weapons Different tiers of metals Visit a new world Welcome to the MLBS wiki! You can download the game and follow development on the ... Crystal - My Little Blacksmith Shop community - 11 Feb 2017 ... I do not know. I have tried to hit them with the hammer, "readify" them in the smelter or whatever it's called. I'm pretty sure it's a hint of something ... My Theory behind the Crystals - My Little Blacksmith Shop ... 24 Jul 2018 ... Good day to all In this thread/topic I wil attempt to theorize what exactly the crystals' purpose is and the possible use for them. Take note that ... Nioh: 13 things you can do to make it a little easier - Polygon

My Little Blacksmith Shop: What Crystals Do - In My Little Blacksmith Shop, players can find several strange rocks around the forest and near their shop. When picked up, the player can will see that the rock is actually a Crystal that ... Crystals | My Little Blacksmith Shop Wiki - Crystals are a hidden collectible items. They are used to open the sliding door that can be found in the cave. There are Five crystals: Forging Ultimate Weapons! Mining Update, Hidden Crystals - My ... We're checking out My Little Blacksmith Shop in their new Alpha .072 update, which allows us to not only make a few weapons and find hidden crystals, but also test out the sandbox mode where we ... Crystals? - My Little Blacksmith Shop community -

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